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텍스트 위젯 라인 넘버 및 Wrap 이미지 보여주기

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package require Tk 8.5

image create bitmap wrap_bit -foreground #aac -data {
  #define wrap_width 8

 #define wrap_height 8
  static unsigned char wrap_bits[] = {
        0x02, 0x02, 0x02, 0x22, 0x62, 0xfc, 0x60, 0x20

proc main {} {
    text .text \
        -wrap word \
        -borderwidth 0 \
        -yscrollcommand [list .vsb set]
    canvas .canvas \
        -width 20 \
        -highlightthickness 0 \
        -background white
    scrollbar .vsb \
        -borderwidth 1 \
        -command [list .text yview]

    pack .vsb -side right -fill y
    pack .canvas -side left -fill y
    pack .text -side left -fill both -expand true

    # Arrange for line numbers to be redrawn when just about anything

   # happens to the text widget. This runs much faster than you might
   # think.
    trace add execution .text leave [list traceCallback .text .canvas]
    bind .text <Configure> [list traceCallback .text .canvas]

    set f [open [info script] r]
    set data [read $f]
    close $f
    .text insert end $data


proc traceCallback {text canvas args} {
        if {[lindex $args 0 1] in {insert delete mark}} {
                scan [$text index insert] %d.%d ::line ::column
                puts "L: $::line  C: $::column"

    # only redraw if args are null (meaning we were called by a binding)

   # or called by the trace and the command could potentially change
   # the size of a line.
    set benign {
        mark bbox cget compare count debug dlineinfo
        dump get index mark peer search
    if {[llength $args] == 0 ||
        [lindex $args 0 1] ni $benign} {

        $canvas delete all
        set i [$text index @0,0]
        while true {
            set dline [$text dlineinfo $i]
            if {[llength $dline] == 0} break
            set height [lindex $dline 3]
            set y [lindex $dline 1]
            set cy [expr {$y + int($height/2.0)}]
            set linenum [lindex [split $i .] 0]
            $canvas create text 0 $y -anchor nw -text $linenum

                        if {[$text count -ypixels $i "$i lineend"]} {
                          $canvas create image 0 [expr {$y + [lindex $dline 4] + 8}] -image wrap_bit -anchor w

            set i [$text index "$i + 1 line"]